Researching the application of Machine Learning to Software Engineering. Specifically interested in Natural Language Processing to help in Software Engineering Tasks and the intersection of Machine Learning and Security.

My previous research involved using Pre-Trained Transformers to help with Reverse Engineering Binaries. I am currently focussing on the privacy of Large Language Models.


I previously obtained my Master’s in Computer Science and Engineering with a specialization in Cyber Security from the Delft University of Technology. My Masters Thesis involved using Transformer models to summarise Decompiled Binaries. I have also obtained my Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Engineering from the same university, where my Bachelors Thesis involved making an inclusive game to make Datacenters more appealing to girls.


I have worked as a Junior Incident Responder at eye Security in the Hague (2021-2022). I have also been employed as a Teaching Assistant where I assisted in teaching Software Architecture, Software Engineering Methods and Computational Intelligence courses (2019-2022). Before that, I was involved in the Mentorate program for Computer Science where I helped freshmen get acquainted with university life (2018-2019).


You can reach me on email: a.al-kaswan[at]tudelft.nl or on Twitter: @aalkaswan